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Open air Ceilidh with a heavy injection of Rock, Burlesque, Traditional and Sacrilegiously non Traditional Blaster Experience not to be missed! Bring yer dancing shoes!!!?

The Spinning Blowfish is an experimental fusion between various and very diverse musical genres, all glued together by the mesmerizing sound of the Highland bagpipes and a twist on every type of traditional or non traditional tune we put our hands on! No matter what the limit is, we always find a way around it with a good dose of humour and some carefully worked out dance moves...there is nothing too obscure or impossible to play with a line up of bagpipes, drums and guitar!


The Spinning Blowfish are a rambling comedic Folk Ceilidh Fusion trio with an innate sense of humour unique to their act and a genuine street music attitude that comes from 10 years of experience at entertaining countless international crowds on the streets and squares of the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh.

They have started their live performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Street Events in 2011, and since then have always joined the festival as a Finale Act in several outdoor locations throughout the city.

Despite not having toured outside of Scotland yet, the band has sold over
20,000 records and made several appearances at the most diverse events and venues, such as the Scottish Green Energy Awards 2011 and Brexit at
Tiffany's, an Australian produced comedy show part of the Fringe festival in 2016.

Born out of three different solo busking acts uniting forces, The Spinning Blowfish has ventured in all directions during its many years of life, always stubbornly defying the stereotype of the average Celtic Rock sort of band and taking adventurous directions in all senses, from Scottish Bagpipe Folk with a twist to elaborating classical tunes, film and videogame themes to a carefully
choreographed set of burlesque dance moves that can't be taken any more seriously than the name of the band itself....

The result is an explosive blend of colourful influences that defies definition at its very core, while at the same time remaining faithfully in sight of its Celtic Folk roots on which experimentally expanding as long as imagination can allow....

Among all uncertainty remains a solid promise: definitely bring your dancing


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